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Geographical conditions around the Vidyalaya, preferably in the district.

Latitude-20.3152 And Longitude-86.39735
SL NO. Name distance from the Vidyalaya
1 District Head Quarter Jagatsinghpur dist. Hqrs 35 km from Sailo.
2 Climate condition of the District Temparature during
Summer Season : 35-45 Cel.
Rainy season : 25-35
Winter Season: 25-30
3 Bus Stand Rahama Bus Stand 2 KM from the Vidyalaya.
4 Railway station Rahama Railway Station 500 Metres from the Vidyalaya.
5 Air port Bhubaneswar Airport 100 KM from the Vidyalaya
6 Nearest Police Station Tritol Police Station 7 KM from the Vidyalaya
7 Nearest Hospital Rahama PHC 1 KM from the Vidyalaya.
8 Mode of Transport facility Bus is available from cuttack in every 30 minutes from 5:30 A.M to 7:30 P.M
Train service is available from cuttack at 7:45 A.M,11:15 A.M,3:15 P.M and the last train is at 7:15 P.M.
9 Nearest JNV JNV Kendrapada 50 k.m.
10 Shortest route for reaching the Vidyalaya from Regional Office:(in Kms) (a) By Rail
(b) By Road
(a)Bhopal To Cuttack,Cuttack To Rahama
11 Shortest route for reaching the Vidyalaya from NVS (HQrs.) Delhi (in Kms) (a) By Rail
(c) By Air
Delhi To BBSR by flight or train /BBSR to cuttack by train or by bus.Similarly from cuttack to Rahama either by bus or train

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