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Libraries are the wardrobes of literature,whence men,properly,informed,may bring forth something for Ornament,much for curiosity,and more for use-Dyer. If I were not a king ,I would be a university man: and if it were so that I must be a prisoner,if I might have my whish,I would desire to have no other prison than that of library:-James I. No possession can surpass ,or even equal a good library,to the lover of books.Here are treasured up for his daily use and delaction,riches which increase by being consumed and pleasures which never cloy:-Langford.
I go into my library,and all history rolls before me.I breathe the morning air of the world while the scent of Edens roses yet lingered in it.I see the pyramids building;I here the shoutings of the armies of Alexander.I sit as in theatre the stage is time,the play of the world:-smith The librarians duty should not be confined to those that he can gather,but he must also keep himself acquainted with all those others that are published from time to time ,subject by subject:-Tagore A school without an easy accessible library of thousand volumes is scarcely a school at all-it is dispensary without bottles, a kitchen without pottery-H.G.Wells. Some books are to be tasted,others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested:-Francis Bacon Read not to contradict or to take for granted but to weigh and consider:-Bacon
Books are the shrine where the saint is ,or is belived to be:-Bacon Without books God is silent,justice dormant,natural science at a stand,philosophy lame,letters dumb,and all things involving in Climerian darkness:-Bartholini. When a book raises your spirit,and inspires you with noble not manly thoughts,seek for no other test of its excellence.It is good,and made by a good workman:-Bruvere. Nothing ought to be more weighted than the nature of books receommended by public authority. So recommended,they soon form the character of the age :-Burns. If a book come from the heart,it will contrive to reach other hearts;all art and author-craft are of small Account to that :Carlyle. The true university of these days is a collection of books:-Carlyle. Books are standing counselors and preachers,always at hand,and always disinterested;having this Advantage over oral instructors,that they are ready to repeat their lesson as often as we please:- Chambers.
It is saying less than the truth to affirm that an excellent book is like a well –chosen and well-tended Fruit tree.Its fruits are not of one season only.With the due and natural intervals,we may recur to it Year after year,and it will supply the same nourishment and the same gratification,if only we ourselves Return to it with the same healthful appetite:-Coleridge. A good book is the very essence of a good man.His virtues survive in it,while the foibles and faults of his Actual life are forgotten.All the goodly company of the excellent and great sit around my table,or look down on me from yonder shelves,waiting patiently to answer my questions and enrich me with their Wisdom.A precious book is a foretaste of immortality:-Cuyler. We should make the same use of a BOOK ,that a bee does for a flower.She stcals sweetness from it but Does not injure it.

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